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Cell starvation might help treat cancer: a pathologist

Cell starvation can strengthen healthy cells by stemming and burning poisons accumulated in the cells, Dr. Hassan Akbari, a pathologist and faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science, told ISNA. “Starvation can weaken cancerous cells,” he added.

He stated that scientists at UK-based Southampton University have found a new way to destroy tumors by cell starvation. “A decline in daily calorie can strengthen healthy cells and eliminate accumulated poisons.” He went on to say that cancerous cells have frail structure, so they cannot tolerate lack of energy as well as healthy ones. Putting emphasis on the importance of cell starvation to cancer treatment, he said it cleans cells and invigorate the immune system. 

The researcher and instructor of Islamic Medicine described lack of energy as detrimental to cancerous cells and added frail structure of the cell nucleus and cytoplasm organelles in those kinds of cells results in their early destruction by lack of nutrients and ATP.



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